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What can I help with?

Is your child struggling with maths or English, losing interest in either or simply lacking confidence?

Does your child need a higher grade at GCSE or A level than he/she is likely to achieve at present?

Are you contemplating entering your child for the local grammar school entrance examinations?

I teach mathematics from year 3 to A level and English from year 3 to GCSE. I also prepare children for the local grammar school exams (11+/12+).

A little about myself

I'm based in Bournemouth and have a PGCE (post-graduate certificate in education), an honours degree in Computing, and have taught mathematics to A-level in a state secondary school. I have three children. My two daughters attend BSG and my son attends sixth form college having previously attended Bournemouth School.

Is your child struggling with maths, English or both?

Do you feel your child is not performing in maths or English at the level you would be satisfied with? Does he/she lack the necessary basic skills to progress further? Is he/she being hindered by a lack of confidence? Or maybe you feel your child is not being extended sufficiently in school and, consequently, is losing interest. I have taught children at all levels and can help with all of these situations.

Is your child sitting maths or English exams at GCSE or A level?  

Do you are your child feel that with some additional help he/she could achieve a higher grade at GCSE or A level? Does he/she need a higher grade than is being predicted at present to ensure admission to sixth form college or for a particular career path? I have helped many children obtain higher grades at GCSE and A level.

Admission to local grammar schools

As you are probably aware, the local grammar schools in Bournemouth and Poole have a tremendous record of achievement and, consequently, competition for places is high. A child has to pass a series of examinations to gain entry and only between about 1/4 and 1/6 of candidates are actually offered a place.

The tests usually comprise maths, English, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning although not all schools may set all of these tests. Schools do sometimes change the structure of the tests.

"I don't know if my child needs private tuition in preparation for the grammar school selection tests"

If your child is sitting a grammar school's selection tests then the plain fact is that without at least some additional help outside school there is little chance of your child gaining a place. Firstly, this is probably the first time your child will be sitting a timed test under formal examination conditions. Secondly, it is unlikely that your child has had much exposure to the reasoning tests and these tests can appear strange to children initially. They will also need to develop general strategies for tackling these types of questions to give them the best chance of success. Thirdly, the tests for maths and English are much more demanding than your child is likely to have encountered at school. Parents are often surprised by this. A child may be performing well above average at school but it has to be remembered that in years 5 and 6, children are being prepared for the Key Stage 2 SATS whereas the level of difficulty of the selection tests can be much higher. If it wasn't then the grammar schools would be selecting on the basis of the SATS results (or predicted results). For example, a typical maths KS2 SATS question might be:

40% of children in year 5 failed a science test. If there are 200 children in year 5, how many children failed the test? 

whereas a typical question from a grammar school maths entrance exam might be:

This pie chart shows the proportions of different coloured cars in a car park. There are 15 blue cars in the car park. How many white cars are there?

"How long before the entrance exam should my child start private tuition?"

That will depend on how much tuition your child will be having per week, however, it is better to start earlier with maybe a 1 hour session per week rather than near to the examination date, as this will leave little time to prepare your child properly.

What can I offer your child?

One-to-one tuition, in your own home if you wish. Initially, I will assess your child for strengths and weaknesses and will then recommend a programme of study.

I cannot, you'll appreciate, guarantee that your child will pass the selection tests, but I can guarantee that I will do my very best to ensure that your child will perform to the best of his/her potential. As a parent who has been through the process three times, I know how important this time is for you and your child, and also how stressful it can be. By using my services at least you can be assured that you are giving your child the best chance of success and hopefully, therefore, some of the stress will be alleviated.

Simply contact me by telephone: 01202 250200 or email:

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